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August 22, 2016
I welcome opportunities to collaborate with other writers, businesses and brands, that would benefit us both.
I encourage whoever is interested to contact me via email [frenchgirlindc [at] gmail [dot] com] to discuss how we can collaborate together.

Among others, I am interested in:
- Paid posts on www.sonushka.com featuring a product or service (example).
- Product reviews (example).
- Sponsorship via sidebar photo ads (contact me for rates).
- Regular collaboration.
- Paid guests posts on your website or blog.

While I do love working with brands, I encourage new, small, individually-owned businesses (and even Etsy sellers) to contact me. I can feature anything from clothing, jewelry, make-up, beauty products, home decor, food items, wine, etc. I am very obsessed with candles, so if you are a candle-maker wishing to expand your business, contact me! Even if you are outside the US, we can still work together (hein les Français!)

This said, I thrive for honesty in my business practice and I only feature products that I love and would use on myself, causes that I believe in, and content that I believe will benefit the readers of this blog. I also believe in fairness, and might not consider something if I do not think the compensation (of whatever nature) benefits both your brand/business and my blog equally. So if I realize that we may not be a very good match, I will let you know.

If you have any idea that is not listed above, let this not deter you from pitching it to me.

I look forward to working together!

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