Sommeil en rose

Before I had even moved into my current flat, I knew my bedroom would be all-white. In fact, everything from the bedside lamp to the canopy bed*, the lace curtains that Julia loves to use for aerial gymnastics, to the comforter cover that is less hard to clean than I thought, is white.

(We’ll talk some other time about the technicalities of keeping a white bedroom immaculate when, on top of being a major klutz, you have a very excitable cat who will spill whatever can be spilled).

However lately I've been feeling more and more tempted to add a few pink touches, including one as bold as a new comforter. The last time I had a pink bedroom was back in high school**, and in retrospect, even if I was the one who insisted to have a full-size version of Barbie's personal boudoir, it felt as if I had fallen into a bag of cotton candy. Today, I'm considering more subtle pink touches that say, "I am a mature woman who happens to like this colour."

Click on the images below to see my selection of pink bedroom finds for grown women!




*A “gift” from my 11-year-old cousin who decided she no longer wanted it because ghosts were hiding underneath.
**Obviously, it was THE period during which I made all the best decisions ever, including dying my hair jet-black. 

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