The perfect black pump

April 03, 2017

Today we're starting a new series, in which we'll be talking about the clothes and accessories that are essential components for a great, stylish wardrobe. In every installment, we will feature one specific item, with tips for how to shop for it, and different options to fit every budget.

In this first installment, let's talk about the perfect black pump.

What is, will you say, the perfect black pump?

It is black. (Obviously). So it goes with everything.
It is a classic model with a medium-height stiletto or block heel, and with either a rounded or slightly pointy toe. 
It has a classic design, but can have a few embellishments if you like.
It can be worn with anything, from jeans to an evening gown.
It is comfortable and can be worn everywhere, from work to [[hiking trips]] to the dance floor.
It is made of quality leather, suede or man-made material that doesn't fall apart and is long-lasting.

What to look for when shopping for the perfect black pump?

A comfortable pair that you can wear for extended periods of time.
Something that creates a visually pleasing angle (in other words, try to avoid the caricatural Cruella DeVil shoes with that extremely long point!).
A leather or suede solid black colour. My preference goes

How does one wear the perfect black pump? 

Basically, with everything. Or almost, everything, to be fair. Pair it with jeans (skinny, straight, or boyfriend, dark or light-washed) and a tee-shirt or a frilly silk shirt for a casual look, or with a suit (for that delightful androgynous touch), or with whatever you wear to work (unless you're a restaurant chef, in which case French Girl In DC is not liable for whatever accidents, burns, or injuries you sustain if you decide to work in heels) with your little black dress and leather jacket when you decide to go party the night away. 

Here's our selection of eight perfect black pumps that meet all of the above criteria and fit all budgets, so you're bound to find your perfect match. You can shop directly by clicking on the shoe you like. Bon shopping!




Photo credit: John St. John

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