The Winterizing Process

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I don't know you guys, but I'm so ready for winter to be over. This week, we had one or two days of warmer-than-usual weather, and I found myself wishing for the early spring to come.

I'm rather surprised at myself because I am usually a winter person, but this year, for some reason, I feel indifferent (or even impatient) towards the little special things I love about winter.

It's not as if I failed to approach winter with enthusiasm. Last fall, after my ruthless summer wardrobe cleaning, I found myself without the necessary essentials to survive DC winters. Cold came quicker than usual, and I hit the stores to winterize my wardrobe.

Most of the process was fairly easy. I visited my favourite outlet chains to treasure-hunt for sweater-dresses that were stylish, comfortable, and warm. At DSW, I found a pair of tall black boots with a wedge, comfortable, perfect for walking and just about every occasion; in fact, I wear them every single day and everywhere. I stocked up on warm socks and thermal underwear. I also treated myself to a sturdy umbrella because the folding one I once bought from CVS one day when I had straightened my hair and it started raining should be kept for emergencies and only emergencies.

And then came the biggest dilemma. The coat.

Everyone, from my aunt to my inner voice of reason, told me I should get a thick parka.

But I being the kind of girl who never listens, refused categorically to get a parka. The last one I owned was pink, back in high school, and we all know that I had a very questionable approach to fashion back then. When I came to my senses, my subconscious mind threw the parka into the "tasteless" category, deciding it was the Uggs of outerwear, and nothing could convince me otherwise.

So when I found my Michael by Michael Kors wrap coat (similar here), I thought that I had what I needed to face the blizzards, or even polar vortexes that are so typical of the DC area.

It was made out of wool, after all, and for some reason my "tete de linotte" brain assumed that wool, no matter how thin, would be insulating enough in the freezing winds. (Because snow is not really the problem, it's the wind!)

I realised I was wrong when I found myself stuck in my bed with the flu and forced to miss a the historical Women's March.

Once I was feeling more or less better, I hit the stores again, knowing that I had no other choice but to get a parka for (and only for) those days where my wrap coat couldn't possibly be enough.

The funny thing is that I ended up finding my parka at a boutique for pregnant women.

And I was simply incapable of telling the salesperson that I wasn't pregnant. When I was asked, I quickly calculated a due date that would make my child a Leo, and was promptly congratulated about it.

I was offered all-natural anti-morning-sickness drops and glasses of water, received an Avent bottle as a gift for my baby (and a 10$ coupon on a breast pump, which got me researching, at 1AM, the benefits of breastfeeding), and was signed up on a newsletter that fills, until today, my inbox with countless tips on how to enjoy sex during pregnancy, meditation for an easy labour, and how to get your husband more involved when the time comes. I guess they didn't get the memo about me being a lesbian! (laughs).

When I left the store, I found myself strangely wishing for a baby. I guess it comes and goes, it has for the last five years, more or less, but even if for now, all I'm ready for is another kitten, I'm guessing that the desire for a child might linger more and more now that I'm almost a month away from turning twenty-five.

On the other hand, it felt a bit demoralizing, to spend so much money on something that didn't feel stylish to me, but just functional.

It's like the same feeling you get when you need to pay for car repairs. They're essential, obviously, but can you really say you feel the same pleasure at the idea of wearing a cashmere cardigan and not crashing when you try to brake in the rain?

(I still treated myself to a pair of cashmere-lined leather gloves as a consolation prize.)

But on the other hand, I found myself enjoying the outdoors much more than usual, now that I was no longer forced to walk bent in half, with my collar raised upon my head and my scarf used to cover every square millimeter of exposed skin. I stand tall and proud facing the elements just as fearlessly as if I were Lady Sansa Stark of Winterfell.

So for now, I’ll wear my parka when it’s very cold and just wait/hope/pray for the spring to come!

Photo credit: Roberto.Trombetta stelvio via photopin (license)

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