Moodboard #3 - Greenery

Sometimes, when we're overwhelmed with too much happening at all times, too much to think of, too many notifications, there's nothing like a return to the simplicity of nature, where we can replenish and reset ourselves. 

Perhaps that was the idea behind Pantone's choice of Greenery as the colour of the year for 2017; if that's the case, it is an excellent choice.

I'm not naturally a "green person" (unlike my aunt); it isn't a colour that I am naturally attracted to, and I believe I only have one green item in my wardrobe. But I can't deny that after the tumult of 2016, and the mild stress I've been under lately, I find that there's something very soothing about this colour. Maybe Pantone's choice is a sign that I should incorporate more green in my life, or try to disconnect and spend more time outdoors. 

(I was going to add that perhaps I should try to garden a bit to further my connection with nature, but I'm a hopeless green thumb, I failed to grow wheatgrass for my cat to chew on!)

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