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Winter is the time of the year where I spend more time on my daily beauty routine. The reason for that is that my skin gets very irritated by the cold and dry weather, and it requires much more TLC to control redness and blemishes, and to minimize damage that would otherwise last well into the spring and summer. 

In the winter, my skincare ritual becomes more elaborate. Aside from the coconut oil that I use year-round, morning and evening, as a cleanser and a moisturizer, I use the Luna Sleeping Night Oil by Sunday Riley, as it contains many ingredients that help improve my skin's appearance and also fight premature wrinkles*. I also have started using the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue eye cream, which does help me fight the dark circles I get when I don't sleep enough. My lips also get extremely dry and broken, and after trying different ointments, I found that the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Intensive Lip Balm works best to keep them hydrated. 

On the bright side, the advantage that comes with colder weather is that make-up won't melt as quickly as it would in the summer. So I get to get in touch with my inner make-up junkie, and have a bit of fun! I've already told you about the Clarins Everlasting Foundation, which I love because it feels like a second skin, doesn't rub off, doesn't dry out my skin, and has SPF 15. It doesn't need any powder to set, so after applying it, I create a healthy, "Russian doll" look with the Benefit Coralista blush, a product I've discovered when I was in high school and have been using ever since.  I apply my Chanel Rouge Coco in Venise, another all-time favourite that takes my natural lip color up a notch while keeping my lips hydrated. When I'm in the mood to play up my eyes, I do it, keeping the rest of my face neutral for a daytime look. I either line my eyes with my Givenchy Beauty Women's Magic Khol Eyeliner (even my inner eyelid!) and smudge it lightly, or I create a smokey eye with the Makeup Revolution Iconic Smokey Eyeshadow Palette. I like this palette because it contains the shades that I use most: eggshell when I need to naturally brighten up my eyes, mauve when I feel like drawing the natural specks of green in my pupils**, and grey when I want something that is a bit more edgy. 

My hair tends to get dry as well in the winter, so I use Rodin Women's Luxury Hair Oil to tame frizz and static electricity (I'm also getting a Keratin treatment soon). Winter is also the time where I like to wear a dark blue, almost-black shade on my nails, and After School Boy Blazer by Essie has been my favourite for a couple of years. Opium by Yves Saint Laurent is my preferred fragrance for the season because it is daring, mysterious and spicy; it reminds me of mulled wine. And lastly, even if it's very hard for me to drag myself out of bed in the morning and head out in the cold, there's nothing like Burt's Bees Peppermint and Rosemary Body Wash to invigorate me in the shower and wake me up! (Okay, fine, there's espresso, but that's a different story...).

I'd love to hear what are your best skincare and make-up survival tips for the winter, so tell me all about it in the comments below!



*I'm turning 25 soon and even if I'm not obsessed with looking like a teenager forever (like many Lebanese women are), if there's a product that improves the quality of my skin and helps fight wrinkles at the same time, I say why not?
**Okay, fine, I wear green contact lenses, because I need them for vision and they're more comfortable and easy to remove than clear ones. But my eyes naturally have green in them. 

photo credit: Kostya Romantikov, Lera, via photopin (license)

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