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Remember that lifestyle book project that was a little over three years in the making?

The one that I kept telling you about, then pushing off and pushing off out of laziness because I wanted to take my time and make sure it was perfect?

The one that, at one point, I decided to split into four* different books?


[insert drumroll]

I am happy to announce that the very first book in of my lifestyle series is finally out!

And that's one 2017 resolution I can scratch off my list.

Style - A Guide By French Girl In DC is an amalgam of things I've learned after several years of experimenting with my wardrobe and searching for my style. It is not just the story of my journey in the land of French, Lebanese and American fashion, but also a guide (hence its name!) for any young woman who is looking to grasp that simple yet elegant impression that the most stylish women in the planet can so effortlessly muster.

In six concise yet well-detailed chapters, I show you how to define your fashion philosophy, find clothes that work for your body, personality and lifestyle, curate and detox your wardrobe, shop for classic items, and finally, add those delightful finishing touches that kick things up a notch and add that extra sprinkle of "je ne sais quoi" to your outfits.

The upcoming books in the series, Beauty, Home, and Life will also be published this year, so 2017 can be the year where all of us will focus on defining and living out our lifestyle philosophies!

Many thanks to my readers, mentors and friends who encouraged me to go through with this project, who proof-read it for me and gave me their honest opinions, and who pushed me to keep going the many times I wanted to give up.

It really brings me a lot of joy to be able to put my work out there for all of you, and I hope you will enjoy it and that it will bring a lot to your life!




*No, not to create Horcruxes, but because it would make more sense, be less daunting a task, and also for luck, because it would be a tetralogy just like Wagner's Ring cycle, and Wagner's the best. (hashtag #WagnerIsTheBest)

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