A couple of days ago, I met with a friend to give her a tarot reading. It was a fun occasion during which I explained to her in detail the symbolism behind the cards I drew, what they represented, and the different opportunities or possibilities they offered.

One card that struck us both in particular was the Wheel of Fortune. As I explained its meaning to my friend, I couldn’t help but realise how relevant its meaning is right now. Because the Wheel of Fortunes represents both something bigger than all of us, that we can’t avoid or escape, but also the earth that will keep turning no matter what. The Wheel warns us of huge changes, but tells us to get ready, to brace ourselves, hold on, and try to enjoy the ride. Some things we will leave behind us, and others, we will take advantage of the momentum to improve.

There is, as of Friday, a new administration in the White House. And even if there is enough evidence to believe that the individual is illegally occupying this position, due to the interference of a foreign power in federal elections, it seems like he is, for the moment, here to stay.

We are angry, as we should be. Because everything, from our basic rights to our freedom of speech, is threatened. Because in his inaugural address, Mr. Trump didn’t mask the white supremacist tones of his “America First”. Because it was the woman whom the American people has elected as their president who should have stood in that tribune and taken the oath, and not watch as a spectator.

But in yesterday’s March, we showed that we are powerful. That we are the vast and loud majority. That we will not shut up and let any of our rights be taken away from us.

I woke up with fever yesterday morning, and had to accept that it would be reckless to go out. By the time I felt better, it was too crowded to even think of making it anywhere into DC. But I looked at the photos, the videos, and felt, for the first time, a sense of ferocious satisfaction, which was only fueled by the comparison between the numbers of attendants at the inauguration, and those at the March.

The next four years are going to be challenging. But, as Michelle Obama put it, “when they go low, we go high”. And the more they try to take our basic rights from us, the more we will fight them. And the outcome will be positive, in the end, when these extremists will have lost all their credibility and the respect of some citizens.

But the wheel will turn, and change will happen faster than we thought. In four years, we will be celebrating the inauguration of a legitimate president. Meanwhile, hopefully this administration will shine the light on its own incompetence, and won’t be able to accomplish any harmful actions.

This morning I attended the live recording of a Garance Doré podcast in DC. During the Q&A session, we spoke about how important it is for us women to become more involved, all the while making self-care a priority, with the emotional and psychological toll that this election has taken on us.

So where does that bring us at French Girl In DC?
Let me begin by saying that in our small-but-growing team, we are French, Middle-Eastern, African and American women. Most of us have immigrated to this country. Half of us are gay. We all come from different socio-economic backgrounds. We are from different age groups; some of us are already mothers, and some of us are still students (in fact you will soon meet a writer who is still in high school). And we are all concerned. 

In a blogosphere that mostly caters to a white, young, heterosexual upper-middle-class readership, we commit to making this blog as inclusive and diverse as possible. We will open our (virtual) doors and our arms even wider to people of colour, of different religious and socio-economic backgrounds, of different ages as well, to LGBTQ+ people, and to all the people who are misrepresented or under-represented in today’s media. 

And we're going to feature more and more people who work hard to make a difference, and make the world a better place. 

Does this mean FGDC will stop being a lifestyle blog and become all about politics? Well, no. But we have to accept that today, more than ever, we have to be more engaged in what’s happening around us, be it in politics, the environment, human rights, charities, etc. It has to become a natural part of our lifestyle.

But FGDC will remain a destination to all things beautiful. Fashion, beauty, cooking, lifestyle, culture, hilarious columns about dating disasters, and all the rest. Because at the end of the day, self-care is important, and as we’ve discussed it today with the Garance Doré team, more important than ever in these tense times.

So let’s love ourselves, and let’s spread this love to others.
Because #LoveTrumpsHate.


Sophie and the French Girl In DC team.

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