Stop whining, and start wining, le Beaujolais Nouveau is almost here!

Let's take a short break from the event occurring today in America, and talk about something slightly less stress-inducing; something, in fact, that may help us cope with today's event: wine. 
And by wine, I mean let's talk about Beaujolais Nouveau.

And no, we're not talking about the oh-so-Japanese habit of bathing in pools of Beaujolais Nouveau because of its supposed healing, rejuvenating and beautifying properties.

I mean, I do have a growing obsession for Asian (especially Korean) beauty products, but as someone belonging to the two countries that produce the best wine in the world (France and Lebanon!), I think that bathing in wine is 1) sacrilegious, 2) wasteful.

Because we all know that drinking wine, which is far easier than bathing in it (and risk looking like a 21st-century version of Elizabeth Bathory when your partner or child walks unsuspectingly into the bathroom) is the secret to achieving the perfect, oh-so-French natural, effortless beauty!

And, cas échéant, as we say in French, good wine stimulate creativity, fuels really great philosophical discussions, and helps us make it through the small hardships and stresses of everyday life: motherhood, DC drivers, the prospect of having to do laundry until your ninetieth birthday (if you're lucky), espresso makers that malfunction when you're running on three hours and a half of sleep, hair disasters, the US presidential election, and the fact that your beloved cat just destroyed the 399$ throw pillow you splurged on because you just had to.

Now, let's face it, a lot of things become so much better better as they age, including certain cheeses, wine, French women, and George Clooney Sean Connery (miaou!). But the Beaujolais Nouveau, a vin de primeur fermented for only a few weeks before its release, marks an exception to this rule. 

The Beaujolais Nouveau's release marks the end of the harvest, and it's the whole buzz that accompanies it that I love, because it signifies the real beginning of the holiday seasons (even if commercially, it begins on November 1st at midnight, when trick-or-treaters are barely tucked in bed). 

And this year, the Alliance Française de Washington and the French-American Chamber of Commerce are throwing a Beaujolais and Beyond Celebration at La Maison Française. 

The Beaujolais & Beyond Celebration is a French cultural “Fête” that will take place on the evening of Thursday, November 17, in accordance with popular French annual tradition and custom for uncorking the Beaujolais Nouveau wine. “Beaujolais & Beyond” will welcome wine lovers, foodies, Francophiles and party goers to the Maison Française, Embassy of France in Georgetown. Light fare will be served from renowned Chef Daniel Labonne, the Embassy’s very own Chef-in-Residence, accompanied by French breads, cheeses, pâtés and pastries. 

Guests will be treated to free-flowing Beaujolais Nouveau by Georges Duboeuf and a selection of wines from France, but not only! 

More info (including dress code and parking) on the Alliance Française events page, tickets here.

We'll see you there!

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