Running into your Ex

Have you ever been walking down the street, the sun shining, birds chirping, and in one of your favorite outfits, leisurely sipping your PSL... The world is good, you’re counting your blessings and even though you got hit on by that dude down the street for the 18th time, you’re still chipper. You did extra squats at the gym today, my friend, and nothing can ruin your mood.

Then BAM!!!

You run into your ex.

Well there goes that f*cking plan.

Given the close nature of our lovely community it is almost impossible to NOT run into your ex.

Unless you decided to make the trek into someone else’s hood, or online-date someone that might be a little peculiar, but for sure will never step foot in your bar.

You have to face the fact that this is your reality.

I personally tend not to have as much ex-haunting experiences than my fellow lesbians. I have found that when my exes and I part ways, it seems to be a very out of sight, out of mind experience from that point on. I tend to get closure so I’m usually braced and ready for the awkward run-in with a smile.

I however get a lot of my exs' current girlfriends haunting me. One recently followed me on Instagram of all places.

*I mean I know my makeup looks are pretty bomb….. Oh god, I hope she isn’t thinking about reaching out for me to do her wedding makeup…… I digress.*

Anyway...! In this ever-so-small community full of recycled exes and small margins of separation, dealing with your ex isn’t usually the hard part. It’s dealing with their current girlfriends that poses the most anxiety. 

With your ex, chances are she was the cause of the break-up. She was a liar or a cheater, or did something horrible to one of your friends, which made it easy to walk away from her and never ever look back again.

Of course by easy, I mean five months of back-and-forth with all your friends saying, “she’s just not a good person, when will you leave her?”.

And then finally mustering up the ability to ignore her calls for the five-day detox while simultaneously burning her things in your garbage can, and THEN never ever looking back again.

But the issue with the new girlfriend is that 9 times out of 10... She's nice. She’s pretty. And you’d probably date her if they didn’t work out.

You can’t hate or hold animosity toward someone who did literally nothing to you. I mean you could, but that reeks of bad karma. I’m talking years of nails-in-your-tire kind of karma.

So the moral of the story is that your exes are exes for a reason, and running into them is inevitable. So make the experience more pleasant than they expect.

And, when all else fails... Write an article about it! ;)


photo credit: MikeSpeaks N Street via photopin (license)

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