Beyonce and Bacon: The Degrees of Separation in the LGBT community

The LGBT community in a whole is small. To many it doesn’t seem so, but to those of us immersed in the community, it doesn’t take long to realize.  Kind of like running smack dab into a wall.

Someone you’ve dated, liked or hooked up with has probably dated, liked or hooked up with someone in your inner circle. Everyone knows EVERYONE.

Some people like to call it the six degrees of separation (Kevin Bacon style for you 80’s kids). In the lesbian community, sometimes it feels more like 3 degrees instead of 6. But nevertheless it ends up being a small who's-who, especially in the dating world.

So you may ask yourself, how do I navigate such a scene when Becky made out with Emilie who previously dated Yordonos who is best friends with Olivia who once hooked up with Natalie who is sisters with Erin who is now dating none other than BECKY.

Well, all you can really do is Beyonce.

- Believe that you are Beyonce. Because delusion is now your friend.
- Eject the haters in that little six-person love triangle, and keep the supportive ones
- You do you. Period.
- Open your mind, possibly by listening to podcasts or turning on Adele in the car.
- Nerd out. I hear the Renwick Gallery is a swell place.
- Center yourself and maybe take up yoga…..or eat a bag of donuts.
- Entertain the masses with your Twitter feed rants and Facebook subliminal song lyrics.

But in all seriousness, with Beyonce and Bacon aside, the truth is your community is small. You are bound to run into the same people in the same places and maybe you’ll even start dating someone your friend once made out with at a bar while drunk.

The past is exactly that, and we as adults get to choose to move on from that and enjoy the now.  To make memories and keep those that bring us joy, no matter what their past has been in or outside of the community.

So, whatever lies in your future, just remember to be graceful, be respectful and above all else Be – Yonce ;)


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