Tomato and red bell pepper soup

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Did it ever happen to you to begin cooking, and then end up making a completely different dish than the one you were planning initially? This happened to me the other day.

I wanted to make a fricassée of vegetables accompanied with steamed bulgur for lunch. What I had on hand were tomatoes and red pepper, so I decided to sauté them with half an onion and a little bit of olive oil, herbs and spices.

Half an hour later, I was eating a delicious homemade soup, and thinking that I should make soup more often now that the weather is still sweltering hot but it's technically the fall getting cooler.

Because, I have to admit, this recipe is quite easy to make, and doesn't require a lot of clean-up as well. And another amazing thing is that tomato soup, like an omelet, is quite a blank canvas to experiment with different spices and herbs.

One thing is certain, I'm now on a soup roll! I can't wait to try variations with mushroom and butternut squash!

The recipe is below, I hope you enjoy it! Let me know in the comments what are your favourite soup recipes!




Tomato and red bell pepper soup (serves 2):

About 30-40 cherry tomatoes (or three large handfuls), halved.
One medium onion, sliced.
Two bell peppers (red preferably, although they can be in a different colour), diced.
Two tablespoons of olive oil.
Salt, pepper, fresh or dried herbs (I used basil, rosemary and thyme), paprika and chili pepper flakes

Heat olive oil in a pan at medium-high heat. 
Sauté the onion slices for 2-3 minutes, until they begin to colour. 
Add the bell pepper and sauté for another 3 minutes until a little bit of charring begins to appear on the skin. 
Add the tomatoes and sauté until they begin to render their juices. 
Lower the heat and season with salt, pepper, and the spices and herbs of your choice. 
Taste to adjust, let simmer for two more minutes until you feel all the flavours have come together.
Turn off the heat and put the vegetables (with juices and all!) into a mixer. (Alternatively you can use an immersion blender, but you will have to begin your dish in a pot, and not a pan.)
Pulse until liquified. 
Serve warm, optionally with a splash of crème liquide. 


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