The Art of U-Hauling

 "The Art Of U-Hauling" - Illustration by French Girl In DC contributor Elise Massenet.

If you're in the LGBT community or just plain don't live under a rock, then you have heard the term "U-Hauling" thrown around. U-Hauling is the art of meeting someone and then quickly progressing your relationship stages at a rapid rate before you realize what's even happening.

Over the last few months, I have watched a slew of friends move in with their partners. I'm assuming they're prepping for nesting season early, since that is coming up quick! I personally will be crashing that hermit party this winter and getting snowed in with each and every one of them. It will be like a couples-trapped-in-a-house experiment. I'll be sure to write about the casualties.

This has however posed this questions among our group of friends: are we moving in too fast? If we don't move in now, then should we move on? The Bachelor/Bachelorette series has a whole twenty seasons (and counting) based on this concept. In a way, it's culturally ingrained in us: if you aren't U-Hauling, then you aren't meant to be together.

The average U-Haul takes about a year and a half in its entirety. You meet, date, and move in together at month three. Propose nine months after that and then feverishly rush to plan a wedding in six months because you can't miss having a fall wedding and be forced to spend another year as someones fiance. Somewhere in there, depending on what type of couple you are, you may get an animal. A cat, perhaps. But probably not, because chances are, when you met, you each already had two.

It's a cycle that happens quite frequently without people even really noticing it at times. I saw one Facebook friend go through a miserable break-up that consisted of deleting the 120 pictures she and her now-ex took within a two-week span. She met another girl a month later. And now, not even after the first-year anniversary of said devastating break-up, she legally has someone else's last name. 

Another Facebook friend had a quiet end to an engagement, just to start immediately dating her best friend and end up engaged to her less than a year later. Their posts are pretty adorable though, so I can't complain!

For my friend group, some of the couples that recently took the plunge to move in and start the U-Haul process have experiences that are completely different from each other. 

Some seem perfectly content, and they are not about to burn the others clothes to a crisp after fighting over the remote. Others are a little more stressed and may loose some hair in the upcoming months. It's interesting as an outsider and a personal friend to see the progressions. 

I think U-Hauling gets a bad rap sometimes. Some think of it as the housing collapse in 2008. A bunch of people making a long-term commitment without reading the fine print.

In all the judgment society and peers put on those that U-Haul, is that because they truly think it's a horrible concept, or more so because they are painfully single at the moment? To be honest U-hauling continues to happen, because in the land of social media and constant connection to a world of people you have never physically met, there are stories where online dating and U-Hauling... Wait for it... actually work!

I've seen couples U-Haul, couples that completely compliment each other in such a way, that it is scary to witness because it seems so rare. Others, in just a three year span, have a baby and are in the process of building even more of a life together. 

Those are just personal ones that pop up on my timeline daily but there are plenty of couples around the world who determine they want to make it work even from month three. The saying "when you know you just know" kicks in, and then logic goes out the window. Because isn't love illogical and irrational when it's in its purest, most honest form after all?

All in all, time will tell if these different U-Hauling friends of mine will last together. I'm rooting for them because lez be honest, I already have my bridesmaid dress picked out, and I love a good fall wedding!

I also love a good U-Haul story, so tell me yours in the comments section below, or tweet me @dianemelis!

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