Writer, on a deadline

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Time and place: 

1:40 AM, my bed.


Putting finishing touches to my book series, set to publish on August 20th.

Listening to:


On a square of dark chocolate


Spearmint sage herbal tea in the awesome mug my aunt got me for Christmas.


My black dress, a summer staple.

On my nails:

Nothing yet. I'm hesitating between red, grey, and pink


About my book deadline. 
About something fun I can do with my cousins this week. 
About the new Harry Potter book that just came out, and that I will only get to read it after I've finished my book. 
Whether I should get an iPad pro. 
About the flat I'm potentially considering moving to. 
About the trips to Lebanon and Europe I need to take in the fall. 
About the U.S. presidential election (#ImWithHer). 
About my book deadline.


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