Summer 2016 Uniform

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We are halfway through August and although magazines are already talking about fashion must-haves for the fall, it is still very much the summer here in DC, and it will remain just as warm (in other words, sweltering hot with temperatures comparable to the desert) until at least mid-September. 

So you can imagine that I have not yet updated my wardrobe for the fall; in fact I can't even think about warmer clothes right now. In the last couple of years, I've been wearing more or less the same things in the summer: sheer, lightweight fabrics. Almost every day since June, I've worn a version of what I'm now calling my Summer 2016 Uniform: black leggings and white shirts over nude (or, if I want to be a little more daring, black) lace bras. 

The wonderful thing about this look is that it can be easily adapted to almost any occasion with shoes, bags, jewelry, and make-up. 

And you know me, I've always chosen timeless style over seasonal trends, but I absolutely won't mind when something I already love happens to be spotted on the runways. I mean, why not? It happened in 2006 with a pair of big, retro sunglasses I found at a flea market and started wearing around just began appearing everywhere, from runways to magazines. The same happened with fur coats a few years later. Maybe I have a secret influencer power? 

*ponders a bit*

Okay, the fur coat thing might have been more thanks to Kate Moss than me. 

But be it just a coincidence or my hidden aptitudes in world domination through style, it just so happens that sheer fabrics are among the hottest Spring-Summer 2016 trends:

"Sheer fabrics add a subtle sexiness that is universally appealing. Dior, Miu Miu, and Nina Ricci showcased an array of ethereal styles, transforming see-through fabrics like chiffon and organza into ultra chic ensembles. Look for billowy skirts and delicate blouses. Pair them with an opaque separate to tie it all together."

*insert victory lap*

I'd love to know what your favourite summer 2016 trends are. Do you have a summer uniform? Let me know in the comments below!



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