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When BB Creams came out a few years ago, it was around the time my acne was at its very worst, and the idea of wearing else than the heaviest-coverage foundation available on the market would have been comic at the very least. BB Creams were something for which I did not really think I would ever have the required skin quality.

I should have definitely have had more faith because five years later, my skin has reached a level of near-flawlessness that I hadn't seen since before my teenage years*.

And while there are days where I can go make-up free, most of the time I require a little something to even-out my complexion, neutralise excessive redness, and protect my skin from the sun.

So yes, children, you're witnessing a historical moment*. Your favourite French-Lebanese redhead is finally ready for BB Cream!

And the question now is, which one should I get?

I've spent a few hours looking online at different BB Creams, reading reviews and going over ingredients lists. I want to make sure to narrow down the hundreds of products available to a handful that I will try out before picking THE perfect BB Cream that I will religiously wear well into my eighties or until my face completely clears up once and for all (whichever comes first).

But I'd love to hear the thought of my BB-Cream-wearing readers out there. What are your favourite BB Creams? Which ones would you recommend to a newcomer?

Thanks in advance,



*You know me well enough to know that I'm touching wood as I type this.
**Almost as important as the signature of the Declaration of Independence! ;) 

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