Is it just me or did you all feel that this summer has passed way too fast?
I haven’t enjoyed summer this much since the one I spent in Lebanon in 2014, but I hope I don’t jinx myself by saying Summer 2016 has been an amazing one so far. I became a US citizen a little over than ten days ago, I spent a month cat-sitting the two cutest furballs in the world (furball #1, furball #2) (nearly cried when their owner came back!) and I am surrounded by family members I haven’t seen in ages. 

The weather is getting better and milder as August comes to its end. The house is currently filled with many people, and meals, whether at home or outside, are a much more festive occasion than usual. In between trips and other fun activities such as the county fair, the rhythm is relentless and I love it. I also the love having the luxury of taking a little bit of time to myself in the moments where I crave stillness. 

Time to myself includes, among others:
  • Retreating to my room to watch an episode of Game of Thrones (I have just started Season 4, Episode 2. Take THAT, Joffrey! *gniark*)
  • Sitting in my car with music, air conditioner, and seaweed snacks (I’ve been doing this a lot to work on my book, as I feel like I can’t concentrate even at the library!)
  • Driving off to a nearby forest and having a little picnic there.
  • Sleeping early and waking up early, take advantage of the silence to read in the morning light, and then have breakfast in the garden.
  • Better even, driving off to the beach in Delaware and spending the day there (even if my cousins would kill me if they knew I went without them!)
  • Taking a walk around the neighbourhood in the moonlight; looking at houses and thinking about the day I’ll buy my own.
  • Lying down in the amazing sauna at my gym, preferably alone, and with a sheet mask* on my face, after an intense exercise session.

This said, I've got a confession to make: I didn't really watch the Olympics, aside from the video of Simone Biles' amazing routine. I'm a little more enthusiastic about the Winter Games, where I take some time to watch the figure skating.

Another thing: don’t you find it hard to get into work mode in the summer? This year, all I want to do is spend my days lying down anywhere sunny, slathered in sunscreen, sip cold drinks, and read a novel, or just relax and listen to the cicadas’ song, this delicious symphony that is typical of summer. 

Don’t misunderstand me, I’ve been doing a lot of that already. But I have also spent a lot of time working on my upcoming book, Style Beauty Home Life. There has been a lot of changes recently, but it’s on the way, and I’m SO excited to launch it soon. The idea of working in the summer may sound a little odd, but we’ve already established that I am all but traditional**. 

Talking of changes, you may have already heard that French Girl In DC is looking for contributors! As this blog grows, I am looking to build a solid, strong, and diverse team of passionate, creative people who will take FGDC to the next level! If you would like to join us, check this page for more info and fill the application form at the end!


*Yes, I’ve started using Korean sheet masks, and I will tell you more about them when I’ve had enough time to see how my skin reacts to them, but so far, it’s never felt better, and I think I’ve found a new, permanent addition to my beauty routine!

**Says the girl who’s often up awake writing at 3AM… What? I always feel most productive late at night!

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