The Dinner Party Guide



Where and when:

In our flat on a Friday or Saturday night, when most people hit the clubs, movie theaters, and restaurants in the city.

Who to invite:

No more than four to six people, the perfect amount for uncomplicated entertaining, as Coco Chanel once declared. Brilliant people of different backgrounds.

What to wear: 

A little black dress and high heels. The simpler, the better. Perhaps a smokey eye to look just a little polished for your guests. 

What to eat: 

The idea is that you spend less time in the kitchen and more with your guests, so here are a few options:

A meal of French and Italian cheeses, varieties of saucissons, caviar, smoked salmon and bread. Because such a feast shouldn't just be for the Christmas réveillon.
 A multitude of sushi ordered in advance, kept in the cold, and served on minimalistic black dishes with seaweed salad and miso broth.
A boeuf bourguignon, coq au vin, tajine de poulet with couscous, or another classic dish you master, prepared hours in advance and slowly simmered on the stove, filling the place with a delicious smell. Served with a salad of fresh arugula, tossed at the last moment with nothing more than salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon juice.  

For dessert, offer quality ice cream (or homemade granité, we love this recipe) in cocktail glasses with mint leaves for garnish. Or, if you're a total disaster in the kitchen, ne vous prenez pas la tête*: just go to the French pastry shop and buy a few individual opéra cakes that you will keep cold until after the meal.

What to drink: 

Martini Rosso for cocktails, red wine with dinner, and Perrier because flat water is for flat people.**

What to do: 

"Refaire le monde" with music playing softly in the background, talking about the inépuisable***
subjects of arts, sex, and politics and have animated debates all night long, because it shouldn't just be reserved for presidential candidates. #NonMais !



*The equivalent of this delightful French expression is "don't give yourself a headache"

*Okay, I just made this one up right now, but it should totally be a real saying!

**Although my word editor just underlined this word in red, it's so much more stylish to use it rather than "endless"! Don't you think?
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