Rose water for skincare

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Rose water is an essential in every Mediterranean and Oriental kitchen cupboard (imagine how delicious it is in rice puddings and pastries!), but we forget that it has amazing beauty benefits.

I love, for one, how the scent of roses the body and soothes the senses; those of you who have been reading this blog for several years know that whenever I can use a rose-based body wash, perfume or skincare product, I do!

Recently I've started using rose water (from my kitchen cupboard) as a toner, before my moisturizer in the morning, and the extra-virgin coconut oil I apply to nourish my skin in the evening (my beauty routine also includes treating spots and blemishes with lavender essential oil). And I've realised after a few days that aside from the moral boost I get by smelling it, that my skin had gotten much less irritated than usual, especially around my period, which is the time it gets worse.

I'm happy to have discovered this amazing, versatile and natural product (you can even make your own), and definitely recommend it to everyone!

Do you use rose water in your beauty routine? Are there any other kitchen essentials that you use on your face and body as well? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!




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