My phone, my life!

Do you ever find yourself close to a state of panic if you are away from your phone for more than a few minutes? I, for my part, am not willing to answer this question without the presence of a lawyer!

It's interesting to consider how what was, at its origins, a means of communication is now becoming something much more indispensable to us.

I, for instance, received my first cell phone at age 14; it was a hot pink Motorola Razr that I had wanted so badly for the last year and a half. Four years later, in Paris, at a time where everyone was beginning to have either a BlackBerry or an iPhone, I bought a tiny Nokia (I think), with an even tinier screen, on which I could browse the web at an infinitely low speed. Another year later I got a BlackBerry Bold at the time where the Samsung Galaxy was just beginning to gain popularity.

Two years later, I switched to the iPhone, and loved it so much that I regretted not doing it earlier*. I love having great graphics, a minimalistic interface, an intuitive operating system, an excellent camera, and the fact that it synchs perfectly with all my other Apple products.

There's a major difference between having a rudimentary cell phone on which you can send phone calls and text messages (using the numeric keyboard), and a smartphone that allows you to take pictures, play your music, blog, read books, keep in touch with loved ones all over the world, and many additional things that it could easily replace a computer.

At one time I was used to only checking my emails and Facebook, which I use just as much for communication, at home. But with my iPhone, I have found myself under self-imposed pressure to check and reply to every call, email, message and notification almost instantly, wherever I may be.

Have we become a society where we expect from one another to be constantly available? Do smartphones shackle us to new and instant social obligations? Will technology replace the warmth of human interactions?

I, for one, am not eager to let this happen to me. I'm already addicted enough to technology.

So sometimes, I just try to deliberately disconnect. For instance, my phone is set on Do Not Disturb from the late evening to the early morning, so that I am not awaken by the screen lighting up every now and then. My gym has zero reception, so I get a break from the constant buzzing when I am working out. I also deliberately choose to turn it off when I'm eating or reading a book, or leave it at home when I go for walks around the neighbourhood or in a forest.

And once in a while, I just use a pen and a notebook to write.

In fact, this very post was drafted on paper!

What kind of relationship do you have with your phone?



*To be fair, my carrier, T-Mobile, had only just started offering iPhones around that time, and I couldn't bring myself to switch to a different one before. It's the pink branding, what can I say?

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