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Carpe diem. Seize the day. Live in the moment. Enjoy this precious, unique second, before it is gone.
This has been my modus operandi in the last few weeks.

It all started with the weather. It got warm, but not terribly hot as it will get later this summer. Just this perfect warmth that makes you want to enjoy the outdoors at all times.

And there's something about sitting outdoors that is special - mainly because you don't feel like hauling your laptop down all these stairs and having to deal with the glare from the sun. Just like the winter means your bed, hot chocolate, and Netflix, the outdoors are synonymous with a novel (or a notebook if you feel the need to jot down your thoughts), a blanket, and a cool drink.

In other words, disconnecting completely from the constant buzzing of life in the technological age.

Isn't life beautiful?

When we take the time to live in the moment, we forget everything. Drama, sadness, sorrow, stress all seem to vanish, to be of less and less important. And in fact, even when we get out of this semi-meditative state, we realise all these issues are just not important.

On that matter, a very good and wise friend of mine was telling me the other day that true happiness was being as happy without the people in our life, be they our friends, our partners or our children, as we would be with them. We were talking about my ever-complicated love life, but her words were revelatory. She also helped me to consider things in the long-term, rather than the immediate.

And she is right. In the wise words of this treasure of a woman:

"Right now is the best moment to build the life we deserve, and not when we have someone we're in love with."

When my sociopathic ex-girlfriend discarded me three years ago, I was so devastated that I didn't go out much for several weeks, I neglected my health, I didn't blog regularly, and in retrospect, I realise I engaged in a lot of self-destructive behaviours because I felt like making efforts weren't worth it anymore if she wasn't in my life. I wasn't well - at all, but thankfully I survived.

But now as I am going through a different - but similarly painful - situation with the woman I love, I am happy and grateful to see myself stronger than last time, and capable of building myself a life outside the sorrow. This time, the Earth doesn't stop turning because of a woman, no matter how wonderful she may be.

Still, there are moments where everything becomes too much in my head, between projects, ideas, thoughts, things I need to do, and much more. I become overwhelmed rather fast, and as many of you know, it isn't an agreeable sensation.

So this is when I realise it's time to shut down these thoughts, go outside, light incense and just relax.

And I truly recommend you all to do the same. When you feel overwhelmed, just stop whatever you are doing and take a moment to do nothing else but breathe.

I'd love to know, how do you do to relax and disconnect from your everyday life and problems? 



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