April 29, 2016

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It is past midnight and I am currently sitting in bed, trying not to smudge my freshly applied nail polish (She’s Pampered by Essie), writing this post in between a Facebook chat with my college friend in Louisville and a FaceTime call with my aunt in Beyrouth, and sipping herbal tea

This editor’s Letter comes a bit late (still better than not), but in my defense I’ve had a very busy April month. Family life has kept me busy, and since I am moving out of my aunt’s, I feel the need to spend as much quality time as possible with my cousins. Which includes, naturally, shopping sprees, mani-pedis, and endless trips to their favourite place in the world: Starbucks, so much that I’ve given in to the 21st century and downloaded the Starbucks app so I could order in advance and pay with my phone.

Talking of shopping, I am SO in love with my new leather tote bag, an extremely stylish TJ Maxx find that my ten-year-old cousin found for me (similar one here). If you follow me on Instagram, you may already have seen that she fell in love with a pair of glittery pumps. She's turning into a crazy shoe lady like myself, this one. (And yes, when I was three years old, I used to cry because I wasn't allowed to wear stilettos. I know). 

My work has been keeping me busy as well; as you may already know, I am not traditionally employed but have several streams of income, so much that I sometimes wonder if I am spreading myself too thin. But I’m always able to make it work, and in an ironic way, I find it more secure to work for myself than to risk becoming unemployed from one day to another if I worked for a traditional company. If I lose one source of income, I still have several more I can rely on. I also love the flexibility, and the ability to choose how much I can work, and hence how much revenue I can make (for instance, I can choose to work a little harder so I may be able to treat myself to tickets to Wagner's Ring Cycle at the Kennedy Center, but I digress. #naughtygirl) 

I’ve recently started doing professional tarot readings and I really find it extremely rewarding, especially when I am facing a happy customer. In fact, my very first customer has quickly become a great friend, something for which I am extremely grateful, because she is a brilliant, bubbly, energetic and youthful woman who always finds the right words that reassure, console or give strength. And yes, she and I talked for a very, very long time about the Ange Blond situation, and for once, she has managed to give me a lot of hope about it. 

But for the moment, a bigger priority, aside from matters of the heart, is my move, over which I will remain tight-lipped because I’m superstitious like that, and not without reason. Furthermore, this move is now guaranteed to take place during a Mercury retrograde period, and I’m truly terrified that I’ll end up in the ER again like three years ago (“THE TOOOOEEENAAAAAAIIIIIL"). So I won’t say more, but once I’m settled in, and hopefully without missing any limb, I will let you know about it, and reveal what couch I will have settled on, because the couch is the most important thing in the world. #totallyvain.

On one hand, I’m learning something that wasn’t obvious for me for a long time. Being assertive, affirming myself, demanding respect from everyone around me, professionally and personally, even if I have to make the (very hard) decision to refuse opportunities that are just not good enough for me (like a collaboration proposal with a clothing brand that I realised was just not lucrative enough for my blog), or cut out people who no longer bring any positivity in my life. Less than a year short of turning 25, I am beginning to realizing what my value is and refusing to settle for anything below that. 

On the other hand, I feel like I’m giving in more and more to my introverted side. I’m impatient to live alone again, be able to shut myself off from everything and everyone and just read, read actual paper books and not something I bought on my iPad, the reading of which gets constantly interrupted by emails, text messages and notifications (and FaceTime calls from my eight-year-old cousin who has received an iPod touch for her birthday). I’m very tempted to close my Facebook account for a whole month again, and satisfy my love for sharing the wonderful little moments of my life on Instagram. 

So here’s a little summary of April; posts will become more consistent again once I’ve made it through the big hurdle ahead. 

Till then, 



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