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I am an extremely romantic person, in both the modern and the classical sense. With Valentine's Day getting nearer, some of us may be planning elaborate dates, but I cannot think of something much better than spending a romantic evening at home (on the 14th of February or just any day) with the person you love, just focusing on one-another's company and reveling in those delightful moments.  Aside from either a good movie, or your favourite music (when it comes to me, I'm always in the mood for Italian or French romantic operas), here's a few of my essentials for a delightfully romantic evening à deux:

The softest pajama: Although there is a certain appeal to sexy underwear, wearing something such as this cotton pajama set in a soft pink colour keeps you both comfortable and romantic.

Lace lingerie: Forget the fire-engine red and leopard print, and remain classy and sexy with a simple cup-less lace bra in a soft blush colour (or, if you prefer, black). The sheerness of the fabric will give your love a hint of something to look forward to.

Champagne: It brings a festive touch to a simple evening. In France, I can find plenty of Champagne and bubbly wines choices, but this side of the Atlantic, call me a snob but I think the safest bet is Veuve Clicquot.

A diamond ring: Diamonds are never a bad idea to express your ever-lasting love. The design on this particular one has appealed me because it repeats the mathematical symbol for infinity, which I love (and given my fear of needles, it's better than getting it tattooed). On their website, Anjolee allows you to fully customize your jewelry according to preference of metal type, diamond size, diamond/gemstone quality, and length/size. If you and your love are ready to commit to one another, Anjolee has a large choice of customizable bridal set rings so you will definitely find something that will suit you and your love.

A scented Candle: A delicious scent only adds more to the romantic tone of the moment. While I could go for something more musky and sensual, rose is always a classic, fail-proof choice.

Sensual bath oil: What is a romantic evening without a bubble bath in the arms of your love? Or mutual massages to relax and bond with one another? The scent of rose has been known to help relieve stress, and even provide emotional balance. 

Fine Chocolates: Because there's nothing like being in the moment by enjoying fine, handcrafted truffles. Like the Champagne, French chocolates are the best you can get.

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