Holidays In Black

Lately my personal style, and as a reflection of it this website, have both seen a profusion of all-black outfits as the cold season progressed. Whether it is a reflection of my current mood or my long-lasting love for black, I suppose it is a bit of both. 
At this time of the year, I am facing several struggles: some are logistic (like finding a new apartment), hence in theory easier to solve. But it is those pertaining to friends, family and love that have put a damper on my holiday cheer. I grew up loving Christmas, but despite having a lovely evening with a friend tonight to look forward to, I cannot wait for the holiday period to be over.
Everyone faces struggles in their lives, and I remain optimistic by telling myself that what I go through now could have been much worse. Where my family fails, my friends excel beyond any expectations. And for that I am grateful.
And I like to think that I'm one year less away from the best Christmas ever. A Christmas that will be spent with the woman I love, our babies, our cats, and close family members.  A Christmas so beautiful that it will erase the memories of not-so-great ones. 
A fantasy, for now, that will become real one day, I am certain of it.

Wishing you all a happy Christmas, 

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