The Cycle Of Renewal {And a rant about domain names and DNS!}

November 09, 2014

Bonsoir mes chéris d'amour !

I am quickly tuning in from my ever-favourite writing spot, the Bethesda Barnes and Nobles, to update you on the recent lack of posting. My last post was from before Halloween, and - gasp - it is the first time in three years of blogging that I have not posted photos and an extensive description of my costume. This Halloween was, however, the best I have had in years, as it was spent with the company of someone I love so very deeply...

*Looks dreamingly somewhere far, thinks of La Plus Belle, sighs out loud and gets a weird look from guy at the next table*

In any case, there will be a "Halloween Costume" post at some point, hopefully not after Christmas, depending of the qualities of the photos that were taken during this extremely animated (understand: Champagne-soaked) night.

I am very well, but also extremely busy at the moment as I am currently in the midst of a move to a new apartment. Life has some very odd ways, I'll be first to admit, but I, ever-annoyingly optimistic, like to see it as a chance to call a better place home (one where I'll be finally allowed to have a cat!).

To be perfectly honest, I have been feeling very strangely since my return from Lebanon in the summer. A part of me was bursting with happiness and grateful for all the blessings I have in DC (friends, opportunities... and La Plus Belle). And at some moments, I just wanted to pack my bags and get the hell out of this city, move somewhere else, start anew, be a different person. I felt incapable to write; even more, completely unmotivated and with barely enough strength to get out of bed. And I was unhappy with the place I called, half-heartedly, "home".

My reasons for leaving that place were unexpected and sudden, but I'm grateful to whatever surnatural strength I had in me that allowed me to keep a clear head in the past few days. I am insanely grateful for the endless support, moral and logistical, of not only family members who are abroad, but the friends I have here, in which my faith was renewed. Only a few weeks before, while going through a depressing week where nothing seemed to be going right, I emailed a former high-school teacher and now-friend, telling her I felt alone in the whole world. I keep realizing how terribly wrong I was, and my gratitude for the wonderful friends I have keeps being renewed.

I suppose I will not be leaving DC anytime soon, but I realize that changing homes brings me the change and renewal that I needed, and hopefully a new surge of energy and the moral boost that I yearn for.

Talking of change, may I interrupt this intellectually deep essay (...) for a loud rant about how difficult it is to change my domain name from to ? I purchased the latter on GoDaddy (since Blogger no longer sells custom domains), and was still unable to change the DNS settings or whatever the bloody hell these are to the new domain. So I decided (two nights ago, past midnight, taken by this huge wave of radical change this week) to try to create a new website altogether with Wordpress (since that's the common advice for blogger lately), except I could not, since the domain was already owned by me, and the special instructions on how to point/change the DNS for GoDaddy were, in a word, impossible to understand. Or maybe I am intellectually limited...?! In any case, I decided to delete my GoDaddy domain (and eat up the fee I initially paid for it) to register the domain with Wordpress, but that wouldn't work either, since Wordpress still said that the domain was unavailable! And I cringe at having a .net (hate it!) or a address... A .me would be my last option, but I think I might go for it. It's depressing; I OWNED the domain I wanted and yet couldn't use it. And now it's lost to me. ARRRGH.

And now, far from the beginning "zen" tone of this article, I sound on the edge of a nervous breakdown. I'm in a public place, may I remind you.

I mean, how great would it be, to get into the whole symbolism of change and renewal, to be able to post on my new website seamlessly? Why do the Internety-controlling-people who probably live in little satellites or on the Space Station or whatever, make it so difficult for those of us who have the creativity but are not tech-savy?!! WHYYYYY?!!!

Should I even bother send an email to the support teams of both Wordpress and GoDaddy? Will they bother to respond? Will their responses make any sense at all?

Can someone PLEASE HELP ME?!!!! (As I am typing this, I tried again to figure that mess out, and as a result, uttered out loud a very impolite French curse directed against technology).

Rant over; Redhead urgently needs some Earl Grey. 

On a last note, I will not be updating the blog this week, but will be posting regularly on my Instagram account, which, for that matter, I have changed (with no trouble at all) from @mademoisellesonushka to Elle Dangereuse (@ElleDangereuse)

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