Rhapsody In Black

October 13, 2014


I was walking in the forest with Her on a damp Friday afternoon. Mesmerized by her beauty and effortless charm, by that faint touch of South-Western French accent as she spoke. We reached the subject of favourite colours, and she revealed to me that hers was black, followed closely by purple. 

Black Swan. Black Death. Black Night. Black Magic. Black Cats.

Inspiration is a gift that manifests itself under many different outlets. After we parted that day, the colour black had taken a whole new meaning for me, as it was now associated with one so dear to my heart. And I saw it in my mind - a stage costume adapted for everyday life. A tutu, heavy with rhinestones and embroidery, a masterpiece of tulle, paired with a cashmere shirt. All black from head to toe, aside from the sparkle of a bejeweled clutch and the glimpse of red soles. A flattering silhouette in a colour ideal for the season, that still holds some of the romanticism that can be found in classical ballet costumes, such as Giselle or Swan Lake. A princess with an edge. 

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