Bathroom Edition: 10 items to kick your bathroom decor up a notch

7. Hamper, $79.99
8. Glass canisters, $7.99-$9.99

As I currently live in a rental, I can only soak in my bathtub and fantasize on the day I'll be doing the same in a preferably much-bigger (you can't blame me, I'm 5'8/1,74m) claw-foot basin in a home of my own, preferably with a lover (or two... Joking!). I may have designed my perfect bathroom in my head, (and mine will absolutely be à la française, where the toilets are in a separate room... It just makes sense!), but until then, I rely on inexpensive yet stylish items to personalise and take the look of my current bathroom up a notch. 
Rather than stick to basic bath linen, and drugstore-bought soaps that look like eyesore, I look for pieces that are interesting, stylish and inexpensive. My bathroom colour scheme is neutrals (gray, white, cream) with touches of lavender, but I know I can update it at any moment when the envy strikes. I tuck away unsightly plastic containers and only display beauty products that have great packaging. I also like to replace plastic with metal when possible, and to go for darker-coloured materials. 

*This post is not sponsored by World Market, and I am not affiliated with them. I simply happen to all the great products they have to offer! 
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