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September 22, 2014

I hope you all had a wonderful. Mine was rather exhausting, so I was happy to escape to the Poconos mountains for the week-end. I stayed at the Chateau Resort in Tannersville, PA, a beautiful hotel that I do recommend. I visited beautiful and calm landscapes that were a welcome break from the business of the city. 
I also had the occasion to assist to my first-ever rodeo, which is not my favourite form of entertainement, I'll say, but still an experience to have once in a lifetime. In the midst of so much patriotism and religious display, I realized that having a Marriage Equality sticker on the back of my car, looking horrified at seeing a small cow being pulled with ropes from its neck and ankle, and speaking with an accent that is certainly not American did get me weird looks. 
And before any of you wonders, no, I was not able to catch the escaped cop-killing fugitive... 

As this new week is about to start, I look forward to re-attending a reunion of the francophone opera club that my friend has created, and going regularly to the ice-skating rink for a more interesting cardio session than the elliptical machine at the gym. Have I ever mentioned that I once had aspirations to become a figure skater? While I cannot do a lot of jumps and spins and all, I do feel quite in my element when I am speeding on the ice, so much that I used to go there to calm my nerves before any stressful event (for example, French baccalaureate exams!). 

Have a beautiful week!

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