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September 14, 2014
 A few months back, my very good friend Kitty read me the tarot. This particular drawing was about my love life. Turns out, he is quite the expert, since the happy things he predicted would happen are currently happening! 

Lately, things have been far more tranquil since I returned from my hectic trip to Lebanon. However, I am now happy to be back home, refreshed and energetic, reunited with friends and with happy prospects to look forward to. I am taking things slowly, taking care of myself, rekindling with old habits and welcoming the new.

I've lost quite some weight while I was in Lebanon this summer, and to keep going, I am making sure I eat healthy yet delicious home-cooked meals. I baked frozen salmon fillets "en papillotte", a healthy and tasty method. 

Typical of me: instead of writing, I end up browsing real-estate (the latter is a gorgeous Dupont Circle town home) that I cannot afford... For now. Hey, it's good motivation, no?

There's nothing like a hot, fragrant bubble bath when the weather is cold. I love Lush bath bombs; the smell may be overpowering but I can get used to that.

A fall tradition for me is to pick up all the crochet projects I set aside for the warmer months. This is a throw blanket made out of a multitude of small squares that I create while watching Netflix. I have used this pattern many times in the past (as seen here, and here).  

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