Mad About McQueen

I'm not one to obsess over brand names for no other reason than the status symbol they represent, as I find this approach to fashion unhealthy. There's nothing I find more distasteful than flashy logos and items of luxury worn with little consideration towards the entire outfit. 
This said, there are designer that I admire and appreciate because of their significance in the history of fashion, and the true artistry of their creations. Among them is Alexander McQueen. The grand yet finely cut lines of the garments, the drama, and the darkness tell a story in each design. And I find that no other brand fits the colder months better, as the leather, wool, suede and dark satins evokes foggy and English landscapes and notes of Lucia Di Lammermoor. As to the ever-present skulls and bones, Shakespearian in their nature, they romanticize the approaching Halloween.
I have selected a handful of Alexander McQueen items that I would love to own.

9. Fur Fox Tail Charm

What is the designer house that inspires you? Do tell me in the comments below! 

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