La mer qu'on voit danser le long des golfes clairs...

*First and foremost, an update: thank you all for the comments that you left on my previous post. I am finally in the mood to put an end to my blogging hiatus, and have somehow figured out what I want to do with this blog, and what direction it will take. Expect many changes, from the layout to some of the content. Thank you for your readership and keep coming back!*

I have always had a very deep attraction to the sea. Some people feel something similar to the country or the skies, but to me, it is the water, with its distinctive smell, it's endless flow, and the peace that comes out of it. I am certain that my dual nature as a Pisces and a Mediterranean makes water even more so my element, and it remains that anything that makes me think of the sea is welcome, as it grounds me and fills me with energy. I get this same energy from living in DC, as there is not one dull moment in this city, but I dream of a cottage somewhere on the coast (maybe in Delaware?) where I can escape to. 
To celebrate the summer and my endless love for the sea, I have compiled below a selection of various home decor items inspired by the sea. You can click on any item to see its price and for more information/purchase.
And if you are in the mood for French music (while browsing through the slides below, peut-être?), here's the song from which the title of this post is taken.
What natural element makes you feel energized, peaceful, and at your best? Do tell me in the comments below! 

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