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June 01, 2014
I wonder sometimes if there's a pattern to the periods where I'm inspired to blog, because I seem to always post next to nothing in the spring. While last year, I was going through a hectic, and in retrospect, very distressing time, I'm glad to say that while I haven't posted a thing during the month of May, my off-blog life has been incredibly fulfilling, and the contrast with May 2013 and before is huge. For once, I did not dread the arrival of spring, but welcomed it, and I was right to, as it brought, along with pre-existing joy, so many new hopes and happy prospects in all domains of my life: professional, personal, and even romantic.

On the other hand, one of the explanations to my silence on this blog has to do with the fact that since its creation, I've changed, evolved, and matured enormously. I started with the intention to showcase my style through fashion, cuisine, and home decor ideas; my inspiration (as some have maybe noticed) included blogs such as Cupcakes and Cashmere and Keiko Lynn, but I wanted to infuse Sonushka with my own DC/French influences. It worked, for a while. But I always had trouble taking it to the next level, and catching up with blogs who started around the same time than I did. I had trouble coming up with the motivation to keep it up daily.

During this unexpected month-long hiatus, I realized that it is so because I simply no longer feel fulfilled by the topics I had selected long ago (Style/Beauty/Home Decor/Cuisine/Weekly Highlights), the same way I no longer feel connected to the fashion blogging community. My personal tastes have changed, so has my lifestyle and my approach to life in general, and I can no longer stick with the aforementioned topics without feeling dishonest, superficial, and even materialistic.

So I am currently envisaging two options:
- The most drastic one would be completely eliminate my online presence (at least temporarily) and focus solely on finishing my novel. While it sounds extremely tempting, I enjoy blogging, otherwise I wouldn't do it, and it also provides a welcome break from heavy fiction writing, and at the same time it is still writing practice.
- More realistically, I will probably take a little longer to brainstorm new topics of this blog. There would still be fashion, beauty and home decor, but less intensely. I would regularly feature things I'm passionate about, such as literature, opera, and even politics. Some regular posts would be closer to columns (à la Carrie Bradshaw), and cover more personal topics, such as friendships, relationships, and other life issues.

I know that this may cause me to lose my current readership; perhaps just temporarily, but the fact is that I am no longer fulfilled by the topics I talk about (you can only say that much about shoes), and I am a literary soul, a "femme de lettres", as we say in French (or at least an aspiring one), and I cannot compromise myself with superficial, unfulfilling writing. I am much better than that. So maybe this will be the end of Sonushka as it is now, but let's face it, this year has been the year of drastic decisions, and I haven't regretted a single one.

I will keep you informed about what happens, and please know how much I deeply appreciate your reading of my blog. For every time something I've put together, a photo, a spread, a list has inspired someone, I am happy.

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