Spring-Summer Wishlist

After weeks of extremely cold weather, the spring has finally arrived to DC, and with it comes the necessity to update my wardrobe for the next few months, that will see many fluctuations of temperature and humidity. Here are my essentials items for this rather capricious season:

1. Maxi dress: I like a fluid, simple black fabric that is easy to accessorize or dress up for hot, humid days. Given my pear-shaped silhouette, I like a deep v-neck and a tight waist.

2. Wicker handbag: There's something about the material that immediately brings up images of vacations on Mediterranean islands... It's my way of bringing in the summer before it has arrived.

3. White top: Simple, versatile, and summery.

4. Capri pants: Also versatile and extremely confortable.

5. Bathing suit: I like to find a model that flatters my silhouette, and in a classic colour like black, but with an interesting embellishment.

6. Light scarf: To add a touch of colour to any outfit; I like to wear mine around my neck, tie it to a purse, or wear it around my waist or sarong-style over a bathing suit.

7. Mules: they're my favourite type of shoes, because they're so comfortable, allow you to flaunt your pedicure, and can be kicked off in a second (I'm thinking airport security lines), yet bring the sexy walk and posture of high heels. I like a simple black model that can be worn anywhere from the beach to work to a party. 

8. Beaded necklace: I love to accessorize with statement jewelry all year long, but I find that small glass beads belong much more in the spring and summer. Also, they're more confortable to wear in hot weather than metal jewelry and are less likely to leave you with an atrocious green mark on your skin.)  

9. Trench coat: for those occasional cold or rainy days. I like a cherry red, that is enough of a statement colour but still adapts with many others.

10. Facial spray: On the other side of the Atlantic, it's quite a common beauty reflex. I like to use it year-round to rinse my face, since tap water here is filled with too many drying chemicals, but especially in the summer, when a light spritz is enough to cool off but doesn't unsettle any make-up or make my face look soaking wet.

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