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I'm extremely excited to attend my high school's annual fundraising gala at the Turkish Ambassador's residence this coming Saturday. I've already mentioned how much I have always loved formal events, from getting ready for one, to the party itself, and even the aftermath, those early-morning hours when you're finally home, your feet hurt, and yet you want to keep on your dress, make-up and hairstyle for a few more minutes before heading to bed. I've already found and ordered my gown for Saturday from my newest discovery/love, Rent the Runway, and cannot wait to get to try it on. I've selected it with the help of Kitty Darling, who dissuaded me to go for what he called the "American Prom Dress" at an event mainly attended by French expatriates. 
With the dress (and accessories) now found, what I have yet to do is plan for hair and make-up so I don't have to deal with last-minute stress on Saturday (and look accordingly ghastly). The theme of the party being the Orient-Express, I've opted for a classic, chic look that will complement the drama of my dress, and that I can achieve myself at home.

Hair: having recently gotten a medium-long bob, I'm going for retro curls with a side part. I've already styled my hair this way many times, and can do it quite fast now. After parting my blow-dried hair, I wrap small sections around my curling-iron (a barrel of a smaller diameter is best) for ten seconds to create bouncy curls. Once done, I run my fingers through my hair to make the curls slightly less springy, then set with hairspray.

Eyes: While I enjoy wearing red lipstick, I still think my eyes are my best asset, and intend on playing them up for this event (and will probably just apply Rosebud Salve on my lips, so I won't have to worry about touch-ups or leaving lipstick traces on my glass). Using my Sephora Collection IT Palette in Nude, I will create a smokey eye, then apply a coat of Benefit They're Real on my lashes to lengthen them. 

Face: I guess there's no magic solution to avoid stressed skin at the end of what will probably be a long, weary week (aside from maybe praying? Or bathing in chicken's blood at midnight?), but I plan to use my everyday products to make my skin radiant: the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation, followed by a subtle swipe of my ever-faithful Coralista blush. And last but absolutely not least, my ultimate beauty discovery (which you can still win by entering my giveaway!), Benefit High Beam, which will take my look to the next level by highlighting my face and bringing dimension to it. 

Scent: Given the Turkish theme of the soirée, I'm planning to go all in with the heavy, spicy, oriental scent of Yves Saint Laurent's Opium, a favourite fragrance of mine.

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