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My two very dear friends (a.k.a. The Kitties!) and I had dinner at Le Chat Noir in DC; the food was so authentically French (more than anywhere else in DC) that I felt like I was back in Paris for a few hours! 

After yet another period where posts on this blog have been scarce, I'm back with another weekly highlight (well, to be correct, some of these photos have been taken in the last few weeks, but they're still updates!). While springtime this year has yet to arrive, or to get its sh*t together (I'm talking to you, snow that fell today), I feel like a time of renewal has begun for me. I'm happy with the tranquil life I'm leading, surrounded by friends, working in "Little France" and writing. I'm continually making my peace with sorrowful past happenings, and feel a breath of refreshment and optimism towards the future. I've been single since the summer, and as nature figuratively awakens (ahem, see above) I now get to enjoy my freedom more than ever, and this period of fun, exciting flirting that precedes official dating. This jolt you get when you run into the person you're falling for, when you hear the short jingle on your phone that announces a text message and your heart skips a beat... I missed it, and I feel lucky I'm getting to enjoy it once again. 

After the opera, time to read the novel that inspired it! 

I saw the Met's production of Werther in Live in HD, with Jonas Kaufmann.  Remember how I raved about his Parsifal last year? Well, ever since seeing Werther, I've been unable to listen to anything else. I'm under the charm, and have no doubt I will be for a long time. It's an order (yeah, I boss around my readers, totally): watch this excerpt, and then this one (Trigger warning: graphic and direct allusions to suicide, watch at your discretion). 

Delicious and healthy home-made smoothie! It tastes like cheesecake and is so quick and easy to make (mixing raspberries, greek yogurt, splenda and a graham cookie, and a spoonful of coconut oil for a healthy boost!).  

My love for cats is as boundless as the sea, as deep... I cannot bring a real cat home (yet), but in the meanwhile, I couldn't help but pick up this tea infuser at Marshalls!

I'm a major klutz, and my colleagues always make fun of me for it... Especially when I spill Diet Coke all over my desk! (*Disclaimer, in case anyone from work sees this: no machines were harmed in the (accidental) making of this photograph).

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