Magic in a bottle: Benefit High Beam Review + Giveaway!

UPDATE: I've decided to extent the giveaway to Monday, April 7th. Best of luck to all! 

Last Friday morning, after a quite busy, hence, rather stressful week, I felt quite tired and eager for the day to be over. To my surprise, however (and my slight embarrassment, let's admit it), compliments poured from colleagues on how well I looked. "Healthy", "glowing", and "refreshed" are hardly terms you'd hear when you're rather sleep-deprived and suffering from migraines. I am certain that making some changes in my life has affected my complexion positively, requiring less make-up, and that the weather getting somewhat warmer means it is less dry, blotchy and irritated. Hence, my make-up objectives and routine have changed: from wanting mainly to distract from my skin's imperfections, I now play and experiment with different products to add a little extra something all the while keeping it natural and appropriate for work.

So, on Friday, while chatting with a colleague who kept asking me what I had done to look glowing, I took out my make-up bag and showed her a little bottle of wonder I had recently picked up at Sephora: High Beam by Benefit.

Obviously, when my main beauty concern for years has been to divert attention from my skin, I was a whole world apart from highlighters, bronzers and such. I merely wanted to hide the pimples and redness, so my beauty shopping bag contained full-coverage foundation and powder, industrial-strength concealer, and the occasional lipstick and mascara in an attempt to draw attention to acne-free areas. I looked with envy at the complexion-enhancing products (and with lust at the violet-scented Météorites by Guerlain), feeling some jealousy towards women who had flawless skin and didn't appreciate their luck, and I wondered whether one day I'd reach this Holy-Grail-like objective of having just decent enough skin to be able to pull off something such as "contouring". It was less me being a beauty junkie, and more of an accomplishment, a milestone.

And last week, I took the risk, saving my receipt in case the product made me look like a pimply disco ball. I tested the product at work the next day, taking a travel-sized bottle of make-up remover in case I looked inappropriately shimmery. I was rather concerned I wouldn't be able to apply the product properly and that it would streak. But the application was very easy: after I did my usual concealer-foundation-powder-blush routine, I dotted High Beam on my cheekbones, forehead, nose and Cupid's Bow and it blended seamlessly, leaving a subtle highlight that added dimension to my traits. I was almost running late and didn't have much time to observe my face under natural light, but given the compliments I received from people (and I truly hope none were ironic, since that would make this whole post completely pointless - but I'll ask Kitty for his honest opinion the next time I see him), this was a win.

High Beam has thus become an essential in my beauty cabinet, and to show my appreciation for you all, I have picked up another bottle of this essence of magic that will go to one of my lucky readers! Feel free to enter the giveaway** below and share it via social media!

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*well, maybe falling in love (or rather, very deep awe) again has something to do with it, but that's a different story... À suivre!

** This giveaway is not sponsored by Benefit Cosmetics or Sephora. 

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