Lucky Turquoise

Having grown on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, I have long kept certain cultural aspects of the area (the mind-blowingly amazing cuisine being one, as seen here and here). In many Mediterranean countries, people are highly superstitious, and believe turquoise can ward off the Evil Eye. It is a custom to offer a turquoise pendant for newborn babies to wear on golden safety pins, as wearing turquoise jewelry is a way to protect yourself from bad luck. While my believes have evolved through the years, I like to think that wearing anything turquoise (the stone itself, or the colour), especially if combined with gold, is a good way to attract good energies and luck. Also, I'm generally not one to wear bright colours at all on a daily basis aside from small accents and touches here and there (such as this manicure), but turquoise is a colour I am fond of wearing, as it does bring up visual memories of colourful moments in the Mediterranean, and just by itself makes me feel happy, and think that if luck was a colour, it would be turquoise.

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