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January 12, 2014
Bubble bath + aromatic candle + Pinot Noir

The hiatus I took during the holiday was a well-needed break; I am now glad to be back to work, leading once again a more active lifestyle after a hibernation. That one was only partly voluntary, but I guess that when you start the new year by straining your back and it hurts every single time to move, you don't have much of a choice than remain in bed with hot compresses, painkillers, and Tiger Balm, and spend your time altering between Netflix (I've now joined the thousands of Sherlock addicts, also known as Holmies or Cumberbitches) and skyping with Daddy Dearest, and wincing in pain when you have to drag myself to the kitchen to get more tea.
Thankfully, my back got better on Sunday, allowing me not to skip work the next day. Returning to an environment buzzing with people and activity was a well-needed energizing boost. I've been otherwise working more on my upcoming e-book, which I am very excited about. Stay tuned!

Kale, oh kale, how much I love thee, not because thou art a superfood praised by health gurus, but because thou art delicious (okay, that sounded dirty... hihi).

Savouring a cup of Lebanese coffee (also known as Turkish Coffee or Greek Coffee or Cypriot Coffee Caffeine Overdose, depending on where you are.)

I want to adopt a black cat! Soon, soon...

A few days before Christmas, my high-school (favourite) history teacher dropped by for tea and brought with her these delicious home-made Greek pastries... Along with her wisdom, wit, humour, and excellent relationship advice. Love the woman!

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