Splurge Or Save: Rose Candles

I love the scent of roses as much as the flower itself, and I know that it is difficult to find fragrant rose candles that are not tiny and exorbitantly expensive, given the cost of essential oils of rose (again, understandable: it takes a very huge amount of rose petals to extract a tiny quantity of essential oils).
While I've been parsimoniously burning the L'Occitane candle, I was agreeably surprised during an Ikea trip with my cousins, when I was deploring the fact that I couldn't possibly find a rose candle, and my oldest cousin proved me wrong, taking one from a shelf and giving it to me. I took a whiff at it and was surprised to see that it had a very deep and strong rose scent, that did not at all smell synthetic or fake.  I purchased several of these candles, which burn for a long time and significantly fill the room with scent, unlike many high-end candles.

Now, the true life-or-death question: does Sweden have a secret, unlimited supply of rose essential oils? In which case, I'll have a pint, please. The benefits of true rose essential oils include helping cure skin problems, insomnia, and depression. And it's also supposed to mystically fix love troubles as well, as per some people who believe in the spiritual forces and all of that.
All this to say, Svenska regeringen, kan jag få lite ros eterisk olja? Tack!

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