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I was re-organizing my closet not long ago when I realized that there were several items that were incredibly beautiful. Not just stylish, or even expensive, but truly beautiful, crafted with a certain artistry and that made me feel happy when I looked at them or even put them on. I realized shortly after that there was something about these items that was more than just their quality: they brought back important, mostly happy memories. And while I do regularly prune out items from my closet that I used to wear on regular basis but don't, any more, I know that these five particular items will stay with me for a long time.

#1: The Toulouse Vintage Lace Black Dress
I purchased this dress from a vintage shop called Le Groucho in Toulouse, back in 2011. I had gone there for the spring break, while I was studying in Paris, and spent my days walking in the city center, enjoying the delicious food, and documenting my finds and adventures on a blog that I have since then abandoned when I created Sonushka. This dress, from the 1960s, cost around 50 Euros, much less than it would have in Paris. I remember, while I was at the register, that a man was buying 1000 Euros worth of items to sell for thrice as much in his Paris vintage shop. I thought then and there how amazing it would be to have a vintage shop myself in the DC area, and get my merchandise from Toulouse, where it is inexpensive and of excellent quality. While back then I didn't think it would be possible, today, there might be a chance, and I hope it works out. 
I wore this dress for the first time last September, when I went to see Wagner's most romantic opera, Tristan und Isolde, at the Kennedy Center.

#2: The Vintage Beaded Clutch
Thrifted in fall 2012 in Wheaton.
Earned itself a full article here
Since then, also traveled to Montréal, came back to Dc, and made it to Tristan und Isolde. 

#3: The Lucky Lace Heels
These, the third and last item on this list to have made it to a Wagner opera, earned their title on Halloween Day 2011 (seen here). While the reason why they earned such a title is now rather obsolete and makes me laugh at my younger self, I still believe that happy things happen when I put on these shoes. Perhaps one of these things is that I don't break my neck, which makes these heels literally magic, like Dorothy's.

#4: The New York Shawl
Aside from it being very beautifully crafted and flattering (and extremely soft and silky), the reason why this scarf is important revolves around the time where I acquired it. It was during my last year of high school that I purchased this shawl from a street vendor in New York City. I had been looking forward to the trip for a long time, and was excited to spend some time away from the toxic atmosphere of the place I called home, and the Abusive Parent I had been enduring for years. However, two days before I was set to go, she manipulated her way, emotionally and financially, into accompanying me, and dragging along her brainwashed sidekick of a "friend". These two tried to make my life hell, from criticizing my every move, to locking me out of the hotel room, to random spurts of anger the Abusive Parent directed towards me, and countless stressful episodes.
In spite of that, I decided I was going to have the best time. I would not let neither of them ruin my trip. It was my time in New York, and mine only. 
This scarf reminds me that I have since then completely shut away the Abusive Parent from my life, I no longer need her, and I can no longer be manipulated or hurt by her. The scarf reminds me of the struggle I went through, and that now, I won, and I will be just fine.

Target black teardrop earrings
#5: The Teardrop Earrings
These are my most recent purchase from this list, so the emotional attachment is so far, nonexistent. However, they are beautiful and flattering. I wore them in the office, with an otherwise business casual outfit, to bling up a little before the holidays, attracting lots of compliments.
I have the intention of wearing them to an upcoming occasion in a few weeks, and hopefully, matched with the above Lucky Shoes, they will indeed witness the birth of what will be a happy memory. À suivre!

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