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December 08, 2013
First snowstorm in Bethesda! Hence this Sunday spent at home, with a book, a thick blanket and tea. 

Accept my heartfelt apologies, my darlings; I haven't posted anything since the week of Thanksgiving, ghastly, I know. The good news is that this inactivity isn't due to yet another period of sadness and blues, in the contrary. The new job I've taken this past November is keeping me busy and energized, and, I've realized, it lifts up my spirits to see and interact with people on a daily basis. The workplace is close to my home, the hours are ideal for me (I work part-time), the work I do is meaningful and the pay is much better than I'd hope. Not to mention that some of my dearest friends work in this establishment as well, so I'm very happy. 
All to say that while I haven't posted much since Thanksgiving (aside from my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where I urge you to follow me if you don't already!), I've been focusing on myself, and I've been, I find, quite productive in regards to my novel and the lifestyle e-book I'll be publishing on this blog soon!

Trader Joe's, the happiest place on Earth.

Thanksgiving with my family was beyond amazing; I have so much to be thankful for.

My awesome colleague gave me dark chocolates! Chocolate trade has become an office tradition (and if she's reading this, she should know that I'm not fishing for a raise, but rather the authorization to re-decorate the office with glitter! Lots and lots of glitter!)

After stocking up on yarn, raiding the glitter aisle at AC Moore (see above)

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