November 25, 2013

This Thanksgiving is very likely to be my happiest so far, since I've started celebrating this holiday when I moved to the United States several years ago. I've got so many things to be grateful for; among them my friends, my new job, and my very ow home, where I will be hosting a small gathering for the people I'm closest to. 
While the spirit of the holiday will be very much alive, I have decided not to make traditional Thanksgiving food, since neither my guests nor me actually enjoy it; the part where we pointlessly stuff ourselves is an aspect we could skip, not to mention, no offense, but turkeys look like decapitated babies, and watching that episode of The Carrie Diaries where she's supposed to reach inside the things and take out the internal organs dissuaded me entirely from ever approaching those things again (not that I'm a self-righteous vegan, or a vegan/vegetarian at all; as much as I admire the likes of Lisette Oropesa, who has an amazing figure as much as a perfect coloratura soprano range, I love cheese, fish, pork and steak, too much to feel content with tofu). 
Instead, I shall be serving a large variety of cheeses, hams, French sausages, pâtés, along with wine and home-made desserts. I've also chosen to dress less formally than I did at my first Thanksgiving (it was a large party in Atlanta out of all places, haha), but to pay a tribute to my favourite colour scheme (red, black and gold) while emulating my favourite aunt, whose effortless style always makes her look chic and younger, with an embellished sweater, dark jeans and killer shoes. 

Not to worry: I am planning to go crazy on the glamour for Christmas and New Year!

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