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October 27, 2013
A cup of Earl Grey makes any day better!

I will not deny that this week and the one before were extremely difficult; it takes something rather serious for me not to stick to my regular posting (aside from some occasional laziness). This time, I've been feeling quite down, to the point where I was completely out of energy, and feeling too drained to go out, see people, write, blog, exercise and do all the things I usually enjoy. I feel very lucky, however, to be dealing with this in a healthy and tranquil environment, rather than having to deal with factors that worsen it, and to be surrounded with very supportive family and friends, and an excellent therapist. At this point, I'm not ashamed to admit that yes, I have been seeking professional help, and should you feel you need some, don't hesitate; your health and well-being are much more important than social stigma.

In any case, I am trying to keep my spirits lifted so after the deliberate time off I've taken, I can fully look forward to this coming week; I have a few things planned. While I apprehend these things a little at the moment, I remind myself that they are things I love, and that after some well-needed isolation, it's always time to, in a sense, come back to life. 

Re-reading Harry Potter is a fall tradition of mine and a pure delight. Above, the birth of a genius idea...

Buttered noodles with chives and chicken stock powder: easy, simple and pure delight!

Saturday morning: being dragged out of bed by a blaring fire alarm in the building, waiting outside anxiously with no make-up in freezing cold among all the other residents, seeing hot firefighters arrive, remembering that I left my laptop and USB drive upstairs and that I have no back-up of my novel, freaking out, only to see hot firefighters emerge from the building and announce that it was a false alarm, heading back upstairs, annoyed by the inconvenience but nevertheless glad no one was injured and there was no damage to the building, and beyond relieved that my masterpiece-in-creation remains intact. 
Moral of the lesson: take the time to dress properly and wear make-up when there's a fire alarm because all the other neighbours did, and USE GOOGLE DRIVE!
(which I downloaded immediately after returning home, along with warming myself with tea and a blanket.)

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