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October 13, 2013
My new favourite non-caffeinated tea blend: Provence Organic Roiboos from Capital Teas.

Lately I've been keeping things as calm and tranquil as possible; enjoying time alone at home and mostly working on my novel (and doing some baking). I sent today a chapter to a former teacher, who said she "loved very much some passages, but was dubitative about others". I'm quite ecstatic, because given how demanding she was as a teacher and how high her standards are, if she enjoyed it, then many others will. I'm starting to see this become a reality, me becoming a published, successful author. 
Not to worry, once I get too lonely, there are always very dear friends around with whom I'm delighted to spend time. And there are also my little cousins, who I babysat recently. It was one of the best times the three of us have ever had! 

Home-made pizza is the best! My friends and cousins completely agree. 

The Munchkinettes spending the night. And what they're drinking is iced decaf Earl Grey, in "grown-up glasses". Home-made chocolate chips cookies on the coffee table.

Later that night, we built a tent with dining chairs and a large sheet, and after a short pillow fight, we fell asleep watching The 101 Dalmatians from under the tent! 

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