10 reasons I love the fall

As cliché as it may be for a blogger, I claim loudly, proudly, and fearlessly that fall is my favourite season. To me, it's more the fall than the new year that is a time of new beginnings and things taking their course again, and generally it's during the fall that I'm happier, more productive and more inspired. So to celebrate this fall, I've compiled a little list of the reasons why I love this beautiful season. 

1 - The fashion: I've said several time that I prefer much, much more cold-winter fashion to any other, and it's when the weather is colder that I feel like I reach my full potential when it comes to putting outfits together.

2 - A colder weather: it's simply ideal for jogging, or long walks in Georgetown and by the water, since you're not risking dehydration under the burning sun.

3 - Bonfires, and grilling all sort of things on them. I love to do this with my little cousins.

4 - The pumpkin-spice latte at Starbucks: I know, I'm much more of a tea person, but I still go to Starbucks sometimes, and I always wait for the return of their trademark fall hot drinks.

5 - New opera seasons opening: I've already seen two operas this September, and I look forward to go see a few Metropolitan Opera Live in HD broadcasts.

6 - Apple-picking at the farm: it's yet another thing I do each fall with my little cousins, followed by an afternoon of making apple pies and apple preserves. We go to Homestead Farm in Potomac, MD.
- The return of Downton Abbey. Which I enjoy religiously each Sunday with a pot of Earl Grey and homemade cookies. Do I need to say more?

7 - The changing colours of the tree leaves. I'm lucky to have a rather large window in my living room, and when the fall comes, the view is breath-taking. 

8 - Life taking its course again after the summer. Friends return from abroad, everything falls back into its regular routine. They say fall is symbolic of death; to me, it's much more about rebirth and renewal. 

9 - Reading the Harry Potter books again, all seven of them. Not that I don't read them any time I feel like it, but it's always during colder weather that I'm more in the mood for Harry Potter (since it mostly takes place during the school year, in cold English weather). In my opinion, out of all the pleasures in the world, there's absolutely nothing like nesting at home when it's raining outside, in a comfortable armchair with a pot of tea (or a bottle of wine) and plunging into a Harry Potter book.

10 - Halloween. Oh yes. I always come up with epic costume ideas, sometimes at the last minute, and while the plans for this year are yet to be determined, what I know for sure is that I will be wearing something unforgettable. How could I not?

What gets you most excited about the fall?

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