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September 13, 2013
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2 - On my list of risky culinary endeavours: squid ink pasta! Which I will make from scratch once my pasta maker and squid ink ship... 

3 - The NALT project  (Not All Like That): a beautiful initiative to show that not all people identifying as Christians are gay-bashing fanatic bigots (myself included, for obvious reasons).

4 - I am loving the herbs and spices assortments on this Etsy shop; while I'm trying to pick what basic staples I should get for my kitchen, it is taking me huge efforts not to go all crazy and buy too many.  

5 - An interview with  soprano Deborah Voigt, who dropped out of Tristan und Isolde. While I am disappointed because I was looking forward to see her on September 21st at the Kennedy Center, I respect her decision and keep realizing how much I respect her more and more as an artist and a person. 

6 - I'm loving this DIY leather key chain; it's on my to-make list! 

7 - Twizzlers are my favourite candy, so imagine my excitement when I discovered there's an official website with an interactive history of Twizzlers! 

8 - How to create a happy home: it does cover the basics; I will be telling you soon how I create a happy home (you'll see I won't be talking about a significant other or kids... for now :))

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cute post!


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Janika R. said...

Love that key chain and that post on making happy homes.


Marianna Papagiannopoulou said...

Lovely post!!

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