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September 06, 2013
Left-to-right, top-to-bottom. Photos belong to their respective owners.

"Re-naming operas to fit our times" - I laughed so much while reading this!

Loving the list of randomly awesome things on this website - and relating to them!

This powerful campaign against domestic abuse in India is extremely moving. The concept of using Hindu goddesses is genius. I hope so much that it has a positive effect.

While to me many are just obvious, this article shows ten "healthy" foods that aren't actually healthy; always interesting to know.

There's nothing like the taste of tomatoes in the late summer/early fall, so this recipe for oven-dried tomatoes is on my short-term list of culinary endeavors!

Gay military couples finally receiving benefits is one of the many things that makes me proud of becoming, soon, an American citizen. While so many in the world still endure suffering, especially the Syrian people, 2013 has been a stellar year when it comes to LGBT rights and citizens getting steps closer to equality, and when it comes to a cause that affects my loved ones and me very closely, I can only say that I'm extremely happy we are heading in the right direction.

10 ways to be happier. Tip #3 actually works very, very well.

I'm in love with the Vera Wang Bridal Collection, and also very much considering a red wedding dress. That is, when I do get married.... Ah, who knows what the future brings! *winky-winky*

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Beautiful photos :) I like it!
Kisses from Poland :*

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Inspiring beautiful pictures c:
Love the Vera Wang bridal
gown collection as well! Xx

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