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September 08, 2013
Fortune cookie wisdom, and quite a happy thing to know!

It has been almost a month to the day that I moved into this new home of my very own, and while it's still taking shape (I will be taking a little trip to Ikea next week for a bookshelf, storage boxes, and some artificial flowers and vases), I'm happy to say I've crossed a lot of things off my to-do list, like getting many essentials and finally organizing the piles of clothes that were lying around in huge bags. What I decided to keep is hanging or folded in my closet, and which finally looks uncluttered and perfect.
There is something very relieving about getting rid of things that you haven't worn or used in a long time, but you're still keeping, in the hopes of wearing it again, or just for emotional attachment. I found myself becoming more and more ruthless in my discarding, not caring anymore about keeping this or that particular clothing item because of the memories attached to the time I wore them, which, when it comes to me, is a lot to say. I've evolved in that way, I suppose, or maybe I am eager to put the past behind and move on with this new chapter of my life. 
In any case, there are still many items that are in good condition, but that I simply don't wear anymore, or don't need. I'll be photographing all of that the next few days it for an upcoming Shop My Closet event, so stay tuned! 

In the meanwhile, do enjoy these few highlights of my past week; I do hope yours was stellar!

I'm feeling more and more in the mood for Levantine food these days! With home-made pita dough, I made manakish, small flatbread pies topped with zaatar. They're just delicious for breakfast with mint tea! 

It's still warm for September! I spent Saturday at the poolside with the little cousins... And gummy bears :)

This beautiful handmaid tray (a very sweet gift from my dad's friend) arrived through the mail on Wednesday.

A family member offered me a Tassimo coffee machine, and while I'm still strongly a tea aficionado  I've been enjoying good coffee drinks very much lately. This is my very first attempt at latte art. 

Chinese take-out order from Golden House... Delicious!

A writing session that lasted until very, very early in the morning! I'm glad to say that I finally finish a chapter on which I was blocking for a while (although it's quite graphic and tough to read... But ah, well!)

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Tania Franco said...

First of all I have to say that, you have a great writers voice. At one point in my life I wanted to be a writer, and through blogging I feel that I'm living that dream on a small scale. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment-which is how I found you. I will follow your blog from now on, hope that you will follow me back.


kim bim said...

Morning sweetie! Beautiful post. I am loving your message for me this morning ''Heading the right way'' Must say that hand made tray is gawjuss. You have a beautiful Monday!

kim bim said...

I am your new follower via, Gfc and Bloglovin. Follow me @ Hope to see you on my blog too.

kim bim said...

Cant find your bloglovin widget so am following you via facebook and Gfc below your blog.

Mr K. said...

So good!

Sofia Donatelli said...

Now there's a sign... in your fortune cookie messages. Lol I think their right cause you have a great blog.


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