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September 01, 2013

Latest Etsy find: Earl Grey lip balm - I'm in HEAVENS! 
September has always been my favourite month, because to me, with new school years starting, it has always been about renewal, rebirth, and new beginnings.
And while my life right now is pretty much about starting over, I feel like drama (family, relationships, etc) has been dragging me down, hindering my creativity as a writer and blogger, and worst of all, negatively affecting the people I love. So my goal for this September is to focus on making my life as peaceful and drama-free as possible, and this comes with making several changes. Instead of reacting on a whim, I'll always take the time to step away, calm down and think. Instead of stressing out, I'll put the energy spent into being productive. And instead of complaining about what's wrong, I'll focus instead on what to feel grateful about. In fact, here's my little gratitude list for the past week:

- Settling well into my new apartment, which is becoming a very beautiful, tranquil nest just for me (Photo tour coming soon!)

- Being much more productive on the novel and the blog than I have been for months.

- Many amazing friends that I'm so blessed to have: the people who make me laugh, cheer me up during bad times, elevate me intellectually and spiritually, give me the best advice, and make my life beautiful.

- A wonderful housewarming party with family and friends last night.

I hope you all had a beautiful week! I leave you now with a few more snippets of mine!

Yes, even I don't take myself too seriously sometimes. Just sometimes. Like when I'm running late, trying to apply liquid eyeliner, and it's not working. 

I'm not wearing red nail polish, for once! I tried this teal+golden glitter combination for fun, but ended up wearing it for the last week. Two coats of Essie Naughty Nautical and two coats of Wet n' Wild Fergie Nailcolor in A004 Glamorous.

Yes, yes I did. I totally did. (This, by the way, is not Nutella, but the chocolate almond spread from Trader Joe's. Deeelicious!)

Some of my shoes, at home in their closet... I'll show you the full thing soon. 

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jhilmilbeauty said...

The chocolate almond spread looks delicious. OMG...your collection of shoes is so amazing...wish to see a full-fledged tour of your collection.

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