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September 05, 2013
I think I've professed my love for tea so many times on this blog that it's become one of the major search keywords! I thought of sharing with you even further my love for my favourite non-alcoholic drink by showing you through the essential must-haves to start your own tea addiction! 
To make tea... you need tea! (Very original, I know). Above is a selection of ten teas I've tried and tasted myself, and I would definitely recommend. It's always good to start with three basic types: black (the most classic), green and herbal, and then you dabble around, get variety packs, go into tea houses, try samples of particular blends to find a unique one you love most (and obsess about it on your own blog...). 

When it comes to herbal teas, if you're using them for therapeutic reasons, you might want to stick to one ingredient (like chamomile, mint, or verbena), because some blends can be utterly disgusting, so experiment with caution.

While I'd highly recommend loose tea leaves, since most tea bags use fannings, the left-overs after larger leaf pieces are gathered for sale as loose teas (source), some brands (like Harney and Sons, and Tazo) put the whole leaf tea in bags for more convenience. Keep in mind however that higher quality tea is more expensive, and that if you like the taste of a grocery-store tea that comes in a bag, there's nothing wrong to it!

You'll need a tea kettle to heat water for tea. I prefer a non-electric one with a whistle (very quitsch!) and with a lid, so it's easier to clean. A stainless Steel Tea Ball is also a must for loose-leaf tea, and so are  measuring spoons

Purists will say that tea must be appreciated without any sweetener, but it's already miraculous that I've reduced the amount of Splenda packets from two in a cup to two in a pot. I've got a terrible sweet tooth, what can I say.
Ultimately, the choice of sweetener is up to you, but there are several options, and it's always good to have them when you have guests. Natural Cane Sugar is always a good choice. Honey is, as well, although not a favourite of mine. Organic Blue Agave Nectar can be an alternative to processed sugars.
 But my personal favourite remains Splenda; because of both a taste habit and a calorie concern. 

Porcelain Tea Cups and Saucers - Gold Plated Rose Demi Spoons

While you may at first (and even later) enjoy your tea in a large, cozy mug, would you say no to an excuse to hoard acquire the most dainty tea services. Start with basics, a nice white porcelain teapot which will last you for years, if not decades, and girly, flowery cups and saucers. It's also not bad to have a transparent teapot if you get blooming tea. Look in stores, online, and especially in antique, consignment and thrift stores, where you're the most likely to find the prettiest accessories.

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Maiken said...

there were times when I only drank tea when I was feeling a bit sick or cold or something like that (I have never drank coffee though. never). anyway, now I drink tea when I have the right mood and I like herbal teas and green tea. I hate the black one since it's way too strong for my taste. from your list the one with coconut caught my eye. I would love to try that!

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